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I'm Kevin Mock and I have been guiding in and around the greater Yellowstone area for 13 yrs now. I got started fly fishing with guidance from a good friend and I try to guide others with the easiness of friends on the water. I am at home on the rivers and streams of this area and it is my goal to make you, the client, feel welcome and at ease in this environment as well. Beginner to expert, single to family; all walks are welcome and I look forward to surpassing your expectations.

When I first started fly fishing, I read a book about a father/daughter fly fishing trip in which the author describes the sound of trout sipping insects from the surface of the water as "troutmusic". Now, having racked up several thousand hours on the water myself, I believe the term "troutmusic" encompasses so much more than just trout feeding. It's the feeling I get standing in the water, hunting fish, enjoying the experience. It is music to my soul..... At troutmusic.org we seek to bring you, the client, to the same conclusion.

Kevin Mock


Just like golf and an exceptional caddie, the fly fishing experience is enhanced with a great guide. Kevin not only coaches you on how to manage the rod and the water but he makes the little things very memorable! The best guide experience I’ve ever had, over 10 years of fishing together!!

Doug McCrea Client

Kevin is the best! On my first fly trip with him he made me feel like I was grasping everything he was teaching! My mistakes were his mistakes! I’ve fished with him three times, all extraordinary experiences!! He can see the fish before they see themselves, the guy has a sixth sense about it all. He is one squared away dude!! Can’t wait to go again!

Robert Juniper Client


167 Fish Hatchery Rd, Dubois, WY 82513
(307) 413-9370

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