River Snorkeling cont’d.

Have you ever fished a section of river and not caught as many or any fish,as you thought you might upon entering the area. All the right stuff is there: structure, flow, food supply, protection from predators. It happens; fish are not feeding at the time or they’re hanging out on the bottom. But you want to know if you’re anything like me. Most of my fishing time is spent thinking about a future someone else that I might bring back to this spot…a client perhaps. How fishable is this spot? Do I have to work haed to get fish on the line? Will it be good for a beginner? Are there even any fish in here? Out comes the mask, braving the cold water and getting that ever so stealthy glimpse behind this book’s cover. More often than not, they are hanging out near the bottom or tucked up under some pile of submerged logs, staying low and covered to avoid the watchful gaze of a nearby eagle or osprey or waiting for the water temperature to rise or fall giving rise to a hatch of insects. I now know they ARE there and there’s some satisfaction in just knowing. From here it’s just a matter of timing.

2 thoughts on “River Snorkeling cont’d.

    1. Amanda,
      I don’t have anything for you currently. i’m still a fledgeling operation i’m afraid, but thanks for the offer. Are you in the area?

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